Don’t Take It From Us, Take It From Them!


Great Value!

This is not a heavy duty razor, so if you're looking for an all metal unit look elsewhere. It feels very light in your hand. With that said, this thing is great! I charged it for about 15 min out of the box and have shaved around my beard several times with no loss of power. I love the shape of the head when shaving with the clipper - different than the traditional style but this is more effective for shaping a beard line. I haven't used all the attachmens but the razor, and clipper work great! Overall, this thing is awesome. As long as it lasts a year or so it will be more than worth the value. Honestly I can't belive ppl spend 75+ dollars on these things when there is just no reason to.

- mulmz23

Exceptional Value

I bought this to replace my Braun which had recently died after 17 years of use. I bought the Remington because the price was right, and I thought I could use it until I was able to afford a new Braun. I didn't expect the Remington to perform very well... As it turns out, the Remington F2 is everything my Braun was, at a ridiculously low price. I purchased this shaver on November 19th, 2017. I have used this shaver well over a month. Sometimes I shave everyday, other times I let my beard grow for several days. The Remington F2 handled it in stride. Two caveats: First, this razor shaves very close and can give you razor burn if your skin is sensitive. Give yourself at least 3 weeks of use before you make an assessment. I always use a pre-shave when using an electric shaver. This reduces friction between your face & the shaver, allowing you to shave more smoothly with less irritation. Secondly, this shaver is somewhat loud. Not crazy loud, but it could be made quieter. But this is really not a big deal. I plan to buy several more as back ups... at this price, you can't go wrong. One for the car, one in my travel kit, one in the bathroom. Cheers!

- John

Extremely Comfortable & Close Shave

I decided to try this product since my older model Norelco rotary shaver has failed to turn on ; thought I'd give Remington a try. I have a older model Remington foil shaver that gives a great shave and yet I like how the rotary shaver performs - precise, easy & comfortable. That is what this Remington shaver brings to my daily shaves. I've experimented shaving both dry and "wet" (w/water & pre-electric "green tea"). Wet is best - so easy & comfortable, and close! During the shave time while face is wet, it cuts so easy. As the lubricant drys the shaver feels like it is pulling in slightly closer to my skin for an amazingly close shave. Absolutely zero razor burn. A daily shave takes about 4 minutes ; skipping a day, half that time - same results! One secret I've realized over the years for the best possible shave is - pull your skin tight in the tougher spots - let the shaver work ; don't force it too close to your skin - clean it out after each shave (mine is washable) Really like this delivers!

- Jim66

THE best trimmer I've ever had and the price is AMAZING!

This is truly the best trimmer I've EVER purchased... the price is absolutely unbeatable... I totally see why this item is an Amazon Best Seller and so highly reviewed... I have bought MANY trimmers over the years (and most of them have been all-in-one kits) and they've varied in performance... I mainly use the trimmer for buzzing my head and face/neck down to 1 mm or so (standard military cut for those parts of the year I don't actually shave my head with a triple blade razor... the wife likes when I let my head get velcro-like)... even if this product only gives you a years worth of use, it would still be a great purchase, but I imagine this product will last many years if properly maintained from the get-go... a true winner.


Tried another but came back!

I used Remington foil shavers since 1982 and was happy with the results and pricing. Why I don't know but I tried a triple head shaver thinking it would be better. Not true! I almost stopped using an electric razor because the triple head was so bad. Then I remembered how much I used and liked the Remington's when I had them. Go figure I purchased the 174 F2 and love it as before. You cannot find a better shaver than the foil Remington for close and fast shaves.

- Clif

Definitely a must have!

This replaced and older model from Remington that I used for the longest time. The quality is definitely still there and so is the performance. The quick charge of this model is extremely handy for when time is of the essence. The blades are easy to clean and lubricate. The main trimmer also gets very close without nicking the skin, which is an improvement over the older version—guys will definitely appreciate it. Definitely listen to the directions and do not submerge the main body in water. I used to do that with my old one, and though it lasted seven years, I feel that is the main reason why my old one kicked the bucket. As long as you take care of it and occasionally lubricate it, it'll last.

- Mason

Love It

Bravo Remington,I'm one of those people that can not afford to spend 200 on a electric razor.I got your F-5800 about 2 weeks ago and I love it.I got a Braun 3040 awhile back and returned it 2 days later.Your F-5800 is amazing,it cuts very close without giving me razor burn and the charge lasts along time.Your positing of the trimmer on the back is excellant also,perfect type of trimmer and position of it.Thank you for making a affordable excellant quality electric razor.Well done,I will spread the word to all my friends and family about your amazing razor.

- Mark

Works great!

This is used nearly everyday by my husband. He actually keeps in in his car so that he can get rid of the stubble on his neck and face before work, or whenever. Charge seems to last quite a while, and it does the job. For the price it's definitely a great deal. Can't go wrong with this one.

- Hbailey09

I would recommend this product to anyone at three times the price

Where is this product been all my life? I wore a beard in the winter for years and had trouble trimming it with a clunky beard trimmer. I would recommend this product to anyone at three times the price. 20 bucks? It’s a steal. The battery seems to be the most impressive part right now as I could literally leave it running for two days before it runs out. Plenty of attachments to play with. I like the mini electric razor attachment to get those places where the trimmer can’t really reach good.

- Gottagotogrow

Great Features!

Perfect grooming kit! It has many options to trim and or shave. The lithium battery hold a great charge. This is definitely an all in one kit! Its small and easy to operate and you can take it anywhere! Great for traveling and on the go lifestyles!

- CLewis

F2 Foil Shaver

This is my second Remington foil shaver in the last six months. The blade sets are closer together than the 7300 series shaver. This gives a closer shave, with fewer missed hairs. The single piece double blade falls doesn't fall off like the dual blades of the 7300. A much more satisfactory product!

- OldGuy26

Quality shaver leaves nice clean shave

Remington Power Series Rotary Shaver This is a high quality electric razor. Have tried a few over the years looking for one to give a nice close shave. This one leaves no stubble and glides right through. Clean up is a breeze.

- justmeme

I love the close shave

I received my grooming kit in the mail and I was skeptical, to say the least. We've owned many variations of kits similar to this style. Over time they all break down, I waited a few months to do my review so that I could write one that was complete. The pieces contained in this kit are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. The grooming shaver part was a little noisy at first, but after a good cleaning, it works without much noise. I liked how close this one got to the jaw line without knicking any skin, and leaving no irritation behind.

- RandiWiniarski1983

Great Groomer!

It's great. I love that you recharge it as opposed to having it run on batteries or need to be plugged in to run. It's very portable. It comes with plenty of guards for many different grooming length needs. You can use it several times without needing t recharge. It gives a close, smooth shave or an even cut. We love it and do definitely recommend it.

- ShellB

Nice Touch Up



Great Features

I used this and then I went to my neighbor and they loved it. Will buy again.

- edlynne07

Great Set of Clippers

These clippers make shaving so much easier. They come with lithium ion batteries that last longer than regular batteries. The selection of guards is huge, it has every guard you could ever need. It works great for cutting your hair, trimming your beard and detailing your nose and ears. These are the best clippers I've ever owned. Definitley recommend these to anyone lookimg for a new set of clippers.


Slim Trim!!

I love this trimmer! It has so many different uses with all the the accessory that come with it. I used it on my husbands beard and his neck too. The blades cut great! The size is perfect!!

- Crisysno

great shaver at a bargain price

These F3 shavers are great. Very smooth skin when done. Trimmer is great for my beard. And the price can't be beat.

- woodlawn1971

Great Product

Performed very well out off the box. I can't believe it was fully charged.

- Rayme

Lithium All-In-One Grooming Kit

Lithium All-In-One Grooming Kit Is awesome. It’s great for males and females. I’ve uaed the nose trimmer. My brother tried stealing it but tested it out too. Packages very well.

- tinied23

My husband loved it

I gave this to my husband to try, and he loved it. He says it is the right size, where most other beard trimmers he has tried are either too big or too small. He likes all of the accessories that were included with it, but his favorite is the adjustable hair clipper comb. He actually uses that for his beard as well as for hair. He is very happy with it.

- JerysWhapr

Great Shaver

I got this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it and I loved that it gave him a very close shave. Upon opening the product I could tell it was good was solid and not cheap feeling. I particularly liked how it gripped in my hands. When my boyfriend used it he said that it was alot easier to use then his old razor and allowed him to shave in half the time because of the initial close shave it gave him. I also used this in cutting my boyfriends hair and found that it worked very well for cleaning up the sides.

- Bergen

Quiet with nice features

I have been using this set on my husband's beard and he does touch-ups with it too. This clipper is quiet to run and has a good number of extensions. I have not used the multi height guard yet

- Corona