Richard Marin: How to Combat Common Hair Mistakes

posted December 21, 2014

The most common hair mistake I see is over-styling! Remember K.I.S.S.! With the proper cut for you and the correct products and tools, maintaining your hair will be a pleasure. People often remember people for their hair, how it's cut, the health and the sheen of it. I know it's my work, but I often hear people say they didn't recognize someone because they changed their hair. Be gentle to your hair, keep overuse of product to a minimum, ease up on teasing or over chemically processing and give it the ionic tools it deserves to keep it as healthy as possible. I'm all for a good all-out glam look, but keep that for special occasions. Keep your day-to-day life hair beautiful and simple, which leaves a long lasting impression.

This especially true for today’s busy women looking for quick and easy ways to turn a day look into a night look. I always recommend what I call "convertible hair" (changeable easy styles). If you wear your hair long and straight to the office or school, in the evening do a ponytail or a loose bun or even a loose French twist. Curly and wavy hair girls can do the opposite because they have natural texture on their side. Try a loose bun by day, down and wavy by night. Options are always what you want to strive for with minimum maintenance.

Richard Marin

Hair Stylist | Los Angeles

RICHARD MARIN IS A WORLD-RENOWNED HAIRSTYLIST whose work has attracted A-list clients and longstanding celebrity relationships most artists only dream about. He was catapulted to fame as the trendsetting hairdresser during the peak years of the television show "Friends" and has continued to set the standard for editorial and red carpet hair styles since then.

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