The face is able and the soul is willing.

posted January 27, 2016

The face is able and the soul is willing. Your time has come to grow in facial hair and embrace your masculine ways. But should you stop at a crafted goatee, or keep going until you’re sporting a full, flowing beard?

Great question.

There are some important differences between a beard and goatee, with benefits and drawbacks to each. Because we care, we’ve put together a few crucial questions you should ask yourself when deciding what will grace your face—the beard or the goatee.

How much free time do you have in the morning?

The goatee requires less daily maintenance, but does take a solid once-over every week or so. The beard, however, takes commitment. To stay fit for public viewing, a beard must be cleaned, combed, and freshened with beard oil at least a few times a week. Ask yourself how much time you're willing to commit to facial hair. A goatee needs strong detailing on occasion, but a beard takes daily effort and can add significant time to your morning routine.

What kind of climate do you live in?

A beard will keep you warm in frigid climates. That’s not to say beards aren’t great in the warmer months, too, but you’ll get the most benefit in protecting yourself from the whipping winds of winter. A goatee is probably better in hot and humid areas. It allows more air to flow over the skin and won’t make your neck sweat like a hanging beard could. The shorter hair is also easier to clean if you do sweat and get a little oily in the face.

Do you enjoy eating soup and other soupy things?

If you prefer to eat quickly and cleanly, you should probably avoid a beard. The longer hairs can get into food or slide into your mouth, and they make drinking beverages and slurping soups a tedious task. A goatee may trap the occasional crumb or stray droplet, but overall it will make food and drink consumption much easier and much faster.

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