One of the benefits of using an electric shaver is that it lasts much longer than traditional wet blades.

posted May 6, 2016

Even better, you can further prolong the life of your electric foil or rotary shaver by taking a few seconds to clean it on occasion.
When a man cares for his tools, they care for him right back. (Or something like that.)
So follow these easy tips to get the most out of your Remington electric shaver.

Daily Cleaning

On both our rotary and foil shavers, you can easily detach the metal screens to gain access to the cutting assemblies beneath. This lets you clear out all the whisker clippings that have been transferred from your face into the shaver.
Just take off the top and gently tap the side of the shaver to dislodge all the whiskers.
Your daily growth rate determines how often you’ll need to do this, but it won’t hurt to do a quick cleaning after every shaving session.

Weekly Cleaning

An occasional deeper cleaning can extend the life of your shaver.
With the shaver head removed, use the included micro-brush (or any small brush) to clear out any shavings that may have wedged themselves into the small grooves of the motor or cutting assembly.
With a rotary shaver, you can take apart the smaller pieces of the rotary heads to completely remove any collected hairs. The pieces are color-coded on our newest rotaries so you can get everything back in place when you’re done cleaning.
For foil shavers, take extra time to brush out the foils themselves (on the removable shaver head). Hairs can easily get stuck in there and take away from shaving performance.
You can even get water involved. Most of our shavers feature WETech, so you can use as much water pressure as you want to wash away those stubborn whiskers. (Just keep it out of the dishwasher. That’s gross, anyway.)


As with many things in life, sometimes you just need a fresh start.
We recommend that you completely change out the shaving head every 12-18 months. (Replacement parts are available on our website.)
You’ll know when you need a fresh set of foils or rotaries if you’re experiencing skin irritation or if the shaver isn’t performing as well as it normally does. And once you pop on that fresh shaving assembly, you’ll feel like you’ve been reborn (because your face will be as soft and smooth as a baby’s you-know-what).

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