Wet To Styling. 20% quicker styling and 50% more protection

Busy mornings have met their match. The Wet2Style™ Collection gives you five unique tools that save you time and transform your styling routine. From Flat Irons with vented plates to a Hair Dryer with four styling attachments, and the innovative Hot Air Curling Iron and Oval Dryer & Volumizing Brush, these tools make it fast and safe to style damp hair!

Wet2Style 1¾ Inch Flat Iron

REMINGTON® Pro Wet2Style™ 1¾" Wide Flat Iron

Pro Wet2Style 1 Inch Flat Iron

REMINGTON® Pro Wet2Style™ 1" Slim Flat Iron

Dry and style in one step. Woman using the Wet To Style products.
Pro Wet2Style Hot Air Curling Iron

REMINGTON® Pro Wet2Style™ 1¼" Hot Air Curling Iron

Pro Wet2Style Hair Dryer

REMINGTON® Pro Wet2Style™ Hair Dryer with 4 Attachments

Pro Wet2Style Oval Dryer and Volumizing Brush

REMINGTON® Pro Wet2Style™ Oval Dryer & Volumizing Brush

*vs. standard drying & Straightening with REMINGTON® tools in lab tests. Does NOT apply to the dryer.