Clipper & Trimmer Spare Parts

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Need replacement parts for your REMINGTON® clipper or trimmer? Find combs, chargers, adapters, & accessories here. FREE shipping with a $50+ order.


1/8" (3mm) Guide Comb | RP00124

RP00150 1/8RP00150 1/8

1/8" (3mm) Guide Comb for Men's Haircut Kits | RP00150


RP00170 1/8" (3mm) Comb for Remington Pro Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer


#1 (3mm) Stubble Comb for Remington Haircut Kits | RP00264


1/8" (3mm) Guide Comb for Remington HKVAC2000 | RP00337


3.0mm Guide Comb for Remington HC4250 | RP00442

RP00492 HC5070 #1 3 MM Comb - OrangeRP00492 HC5070 #1 3 MM Comb - Orange

#1 (3mm) 1/8" Hair Clipper Guide Comb - Orange | RP00492

RP00551 Replacement #1, 3MM Guide Comb for HC9700RP00551 Replacement #1, 3MM Guide Comb for HC9700

#1 (3mm) 1/8" Guide Comb for the HC9700 | RP00551


3MM Guide Comb for the HC9200 | RP00577


Guide Comb #1 (3mm) for the MB4900 | RP00428

RP00244 #1 (3mm, 1/8RP00244 #1 (3mm, 1/8

#1 (3mm, 1/8") Snap on Comb for Men's Personal Groomers | RP00244

PP 3mm Snap on Comb for the PG6125/35/37/45,55 & PG6170/71 | RP00363PP 3mm Snap on Comb for the PG6125/35/37/45,55 & PG6170/71 | RP00363

#1 3mm Snap on Comb for Face & Body Trimmers | RP00363