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Unique, Easy and Fast

The iLIGHT Pro is a compact, intuitive and easy to use IPL system. With its ultra-fast 2 second flash rate, it is the fastest IPL system available on the US market today#.

With a built-in Skin Tone Sensor, the iLIGHT Pro helps determine if skin is too dark or too tanned for treatment.

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iLIGHT Pro Device Features

1. Skin contact sensors help confirm that you have the hand piece flush against your skin.

2. Skin tone sensor helps determine if your skin tone is acceptable for use.

3. Cartridge status indicator warns you that it is almost time for a new cartridge.

4. Five Energy Levels allow you to select the level that is most comfortable for you.

5. Electrically powered so there is no downtime for recharging.


Replacing Your Cartridge

Your cartridge status indicator light will turn a solid yellow when you have only 10% of your flashes left. If you haven't already, now is the time to order more cartridges for your

iLIGHT Pro. When you see the yellow light begin to flash it means that the cartridge needs to be replaced. Watch this video to see how you can quickly and easily change the iLIGHT Pro disposable cartridge. Before attempting to change the cartridge, make sure the iLIGHT lamp has cooled down for a few minutes. For additional information refer to the iLIGHT Pro lamp cartridge Use & Care Guide.

iLIGHT Pro Maintenance Tips

• After each session, it is recommended that you clean your iLIGHT Pro IPL system. It is especially important to clean the hand piece, the flash window, the skin contact sensors, and the skin tone sensor window.

• Allow the device to cool down for a few minutes before attempting to clean. Make sure the device is turned off. Remove the power cord from the base unit and wall socket before cleaning.

• Do not place any part of the device in water or other liquids. If any part of the device gets wet, do not use. As with any electrical device, a wet system could cause electrocution or electric shock.

• Use a clean, lint-free cloth (one is provided with the unit) to gently wipe the surface. Specifically the nose cone, flash window, skin contact sensors and the skin tone sensor window should be wiped down. If needed, you can dampen the cloth with water and mild soap. Allow the unit to dry completely before using again.

• Inspect the vents in the unit and hand piece for lint and debris. Vacuum out periodically.

• To remove excess dirt or debris, you may use your fingernail or a firm piece of plastic like a credit card. Be careful not to damage the flash window.

• Do not attempt to open or repair your iLIGHT Pro system (other than to replace a used cartridge), as there are no user serviceable parts in the iLIGHT Pro and you may void your warranty by doing so.

• Contact customer service for more information or refer to the Use & Care Guide.

**lower legs, underarms and bikini area.
# Compared to other FDA cleared, over-the-counter IPL devices.

iLIGHT Pro Usage Features

• Hair removal unit contains power base and hand piece including replacement cartridge.

• Cartridge is equipped with 1500 flashes, enough for up to 2-3 full-body treatments**. Power is retained throughout the life of the cartridge, making flash the 1,500th flash just as powerful as the first.

• High-Quality, dichroic, reflective window blocks out UV and delivers a more even treatment without "hot spots".

• Fastest IPL Flash Rate – Flashes about every 2 seconds.


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