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Hassle Free Hair Removal

When used as directed, i-LIGHT Pro IPL system helps remove unwanted hair without the need for daily shaving, waxing, or plucking. In a clinical study, after just three treatments, participants showed an average of 48% less hair 6-months after last treatment. Actual results may vary per individual.

Save Time and Money

Using an IPL system can save hundreds of dollars and hours a year. With the i-LIGHT Pro you can get similar professional results from the convenience of your home for less!


Five factors differentiate i-LIGHT Pro IPL from other at-home hair removal technologies, making it one of the biggest personal grooming breakthroughs of the 21st century!

1. Fluence

• Fluence is the energy level. The higher the fluence, the more "power".

• The i-Light Pro outputs between 7-8 J/ cm2 – the highest among IPL devices#.

• The energy must be delivered to keep surrounding skin cooler (pulse duration) and penetrate deep to reach the hair follicle (wavelength/spectrum).

2. Pulse Duration

• The duration (measured in milliseconds ms), over which the given amount of energy is delivered. Energy delivered in extremely short pulses lead to higher spikes in energy and skin temperature, potentially damaging skin.

• The best clinical hair removal machines tend to have longer pulse lengths since the energy is delivered over a longer period of time, and are therefore considered more gentle to the skin and more effective at gradually heating of the hair shaft.

• i-LIGHT Pro has the longest pulse duration among IPL devices at 110 ms#

3. Wavelength/Spectrum

• The measure of distance between repetitions of light, calculated in nanometers (nm). Higher frequencies have shorter wavelengths, and lower frequencies have longer wavelengths.

• IPL devices emit a broad spectrum of light, then filter out undesirable wavelengths (such as ultraviolet rays). Higher wavelengths allow for deeper penetration of light and greater absorption by melanin in hair. For example, in the image to the right, you can see that wavelengths above 650 nm penetrate deeper into the skin, where it can effectively target the hair follicle (where the majority of melanin resides).

• Lower wavelengths between 400-550 nm penetrate less than 2 mm below the skin surface, missing much of the melanin in the hair bulb and unnecessarily heating the upper layers of skin (dermis).

• Most professional hair removal devices have higher wavelength cutoffs.

• i-LIGHT Pro has the highest wavelength cutoff among IPL devices at 650 nm.

4. Flash Rate

• The interval of time it takes from one flash to the subsequent flash.

• Even with results that can last several months, no one wants to spend hours on hair removal. Shorter times in between flashes means quicker treatment times.

• i-LIGHT Pro has the fastest flash rate among IPL devices# at about 2 seconds. Even better, since the i-LIGHT Pro is cord-powered, there's absolutely NO downtime for re-charging (like cordless devices), so the i-LIGHT Pro is ready whenever you are!

5. Light Output Uniformity

• The quality of the optics and filter material can greatly affect light output uniformity.

•Remington i-LIGHT Pro uses state of the art optics, which deliver a uniform output and helps reduce "hotspots".

*Individual results will vary. In clinical testing, on average, participants had 47.8% fewer hairs six months after just three treatments, similar to results observed from professional hair removal systems.

#Compared to other FDA cleared, over-the-counter IPL devices.

Professional Results at Home

Remington i-LIGHT Pro is the ONLY device with ProPulse™ Technology, delivering professional results in your own home. With output parameters similar to clinical machines and the fastest IPL flash rate for quick treatments, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with long-lasting* hair removal.

The i-LIGHT Pro Advantage

Remington's proprietary ProPulse™ technology employs output parameters which are similar to professional machines used in dermatologists offices. The optimal light energy, delivered how and where you want them – in long, square pulses at professional wavelengths, and with an ultra fast flash rate for quick treatments.

Pulse Duration
Pulse Duration
Pulse Duration
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