Ultimate Stylist Four styles in one tool Style Solutions Ultimate Stylist Flat Iron and Curling Iron
Ultimate Stylist Choose your style

SELECT the look you want by adjusting the curling wings.

PLACE the styler with the curling wings closest to your roots. Grab a 1" section of hair and place between the styler plates.

TIP 1: Use not larger than a 1" section of hair when trying to curl. This will help you maintain control of your hair when using the styler

inward 180 degrees so your hair is wrapped around the iron.

AT A SLOW, steady pace move the styler down to your ends.

TIP 2: Pull the styler through your hair at a slow, steady pace. For shoulder length hair this will be 3-5 seconds per strand, to get the perfect bouncy curl.

TIP 3: To ensure a soft curl, make sure that you move the styler through in a constant motion, avoiding any stopping of the styler as it moves down your hair.

How to use the Ultimate Stylist
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