Behind the Beard

The men, the history, and the tools that got them there

Meet MJ

MJ has some of the most unique facial hair you might ever see, and we’re glad to have him on the Beard Boss team.

His one-of-a-kind look has taken him places, from appearing in magazines and TV shows, to winning national titles in the imperial beard partial beard category.

No matter how big his beard gets, MJ still enjoys the simple pleasures in life: his favorite TV show, Seinfeld, and his favorite meal, elevenses.

Meet Ryan

Ryan is all about the beard. Along with being an original Beard Boss, he competes in competitions and he’s the president and founder of a local beard wearer’s union that’s focused on philanthropy and growing awesome beards.

You don’t get to have a beard this great without being very particular about its maintenance. Ryan was kind enough to share his very own bearding tips with us here. One fun fact about Ryan is that the country he’d most like to visit is Ireland. We have a feeling he’d fit in perfectly.

Meet James

He’s known as the “Milwaukee Mustache”, but Beard Boss James is so much more than his glorious facial hair. He’s also the lead singer of a band (rock and more), and he owns his own restaurant (classic American fare and more).

James is a big fan of the Milwaukee Brewers’ mascot, Bernie Brewer, and, living in Milwaukee with an exceptional mustache that rivals Bernie’s, James has built up quite the fan base of his own.

Meet Jason

Jason is the newest member of the Beard Boss squad. He was victorious in our recent “Be the Next Beard Boss” competition. As you can see, he definitely deserves it.

In the time he’s not perfecting his magnificent beard (about 30 minutes each morning), Jason loves to hang out with his wife and daughter or watch his favorite TV show, Game of Thrones. That makes sense, because his beard is just as magical as any dragon or direwolf we’ve ever seen.



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