SP-360: Screens & Cutters for Remington® shavers WDF-6000, WDF-5500 & WDF-3500

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Replacement Screens & Cutters for Remington Women's Shavers WDF-1200, WDF-1600, WDF-3500, WDF-3600, WDF-5500,WDF- 6000 and WDF-7000cs.

Ref: AD1000




Step 1: Squeeze side release button and swing open the shaver head

Step 2: Tap the stubble from the foils and cutters and brush out loose hairs

Step 3: Grasp each cutter between thumb and forefinger and pull upward until they release

Step 4: With the head fully opened, grasp the screen assembly and slide it away from the shaver


Step 5: Press the center of each cutter to snap them into the top of the drive shaft

Step 6: Slide the new foil carrier down into place on the head assembly

Step 7: Snap the head assembly back into place on the head of the shaver