Remington Look Book Perfect Curls

Perfect Curls

Cascading curls are easy to create especially when you have the right tools. The Remington T|Studio Pearl Ceramic Hot Rollers with heated clips puts the perfect curls at your fingertips. The world’s first hair setter with dual heating technology ensures curls are set from the inside out for unbelievable hold. And all in just 5 quick minutes! For natural-looking, long-lasting flounce try these simple style steps.

Get Ready

  • Before setting, the hair should be dry or only slightly damp, never wet. 

  • Separate hair into 2” sections, trying not to have sections any larger than the width of the roller.  Comb the sections smooth. 

  • Roll one section of hair smoothly around each velvety roller in the direction of desired style.  To secure each roller, place the arm clip crosswise over the roller.


Get Set

  • Continue until all of your head is set in rollers.  The length of time the rollers are left in the hair depends on the desired look.  The shorter the set time, the softer the curI.  Leave rollers in anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to create gorgeous bouncy curls. 



  • To release the secured rollers, remove each clip and gently unwinding the hair. Let each curl spring back into position and cool for a moment.

  • Separate curls with fingers or brush through them with a comb. Spritz your final style if you want extra hold.