• Beard Boss Grooming Line

    We recently crowned a new Beard Boss here at Remington, and we’re proud to call him one of our own.

    You want to join the club? Grow a glorious beard that will make you worthy of the Boss title? Well, we’ve got something to help you out.

    We designed a new line of beard trimmers made from the finest materials with all the features you need to create a dignified beard. Let’s take a look at the first two trimmers in the Beard Boss lineup.

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  • First Look At Our Most Advanced Rotary Shaver

    Here at Remington we’re continuously improving the technology powering our shavers. We strive to deliver an electric shaver that provides the close, comfortable shave you’re looking for.

    That’s why we’re happy to introduce the new XR Hyper Series rotary shavers. They’re all about Closeness, Comfort, and Power. We think you’ll love them.

    Check out the entire line of XR Hyper Series shavers!

    Here’s a look at some of the awesome new features:
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  • The Lithium Series 4-in-1 Vacuum Trimmer

    Quicken up the cleanup! The Lithium Series 4-in-1 Vacuum Trimmer has a high velocity fan and blade system that collects trimmed hairs while you groom. That means hairs land in the removable chamber instead of on your sink or floor! This set includes attachments for all your grooming needs: a full-size trimmer with precision-ground blades; a foil shaver for close-up shaving; a detail trimmer for tighter areas; and a nose and ear hair trimmer for comfortable removal of unwanted hair. Plus, it’s powered by lithium so you’ll get 60 minutes of cordless runtime out of every charge.
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  • The Remington SmartEdge

    The New Remington SmartEdge electric shaver is a breakthrough innovation.  It combines the best technology from both foil and rotary shavers to provide our closest ever one pass shave with less pulling and irritation.  Here’s a closer look at what makes this shaver so powerful.

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  • Virtually Indestructible™

    Your at-home haircuts deserve a powerful clipper, and the Remington® Virtually Indestructible™ Barbershop Clipper is built to provide quality cuts for the long haul. The durable polycarbonate casing protects the powerful 3.6V motor and lithium battery, which provides up to 60 minutes of cordless run time. Plus, the clipper is part of a 20-piece kit, which includes length-adjusting combs, a barber cape and scissors, and a whole lot more.
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August 2016
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