Shave+Groom+Cleanse with Verso

We’re excited to announce the brand-new Verso grooming tool. We made it for guys who want to advance their style game and shave some time off their morning routine.

Check it out below. And just imagine all the ways this will make strangers jealous of your immaculate face. Yeah, it’s that powerful.

Power Base
Why should a shaver be uncomfortable to use? It shouldn’t. Great answer.

The intuitive handling of the all-in-one power base mimics the way you operate a computer mouse or an orbital sander (whichever is more your style), so you don’t have to strain your wrist to make your face perfect.

Plus, there’s an arsenal of attachments that are easy to swap out as you move through your routine.

What can Verso do for you?

A Close Shave
Here’s the star of the show.

The triple-head rotary attachment features a HyperFlex™ design and PrecisionPlus™ shaving heads. Put simply, that technology gives you a close, comfortable shave with every use.

You can prepare for that close shave with the pre-shave brush attachment. It massages and exfoliates skin while lifting hairs to prep for fast removal.

Precise Grooming

This is how you keep your great look looking great.

The mustache and beard trimmer attachment lets you clean up facial hair, sideburns, and any other unwanted body hair. Plus it comes with a 10-length adjustable comb so you can decide how close to crop it.

Effective Cleansing

If you don’t already cleanse, this is the simplest way to start. (And you’ll be glad you did.)

The charcoal infused bristles gently clear away sweat, dirt and oil without irritating the skin, leaving you with a clean face and clear complexion. People respect that—trust us.
Need more convincing? Alright, how’s this: The whole rig is waterproof so you can use it in the shower or with shaving gel. And you get a travel pouch that holds all the attachments in one convenient place.

Plus, it’s powered by a lithium battery with 45 minutes of cordless runtime in every charge. For most guys, that means you’ll only need to recharge once every 10-14 days—not bad.

So step up your style with the new Verso grooming tool.

Be Ahead Of The Curve.