The 3 Shaving Moves Most Guys Forget

You shave pretty much every day, and with that much practice you might think you’ve got your routine perfected by now.

But you don’t. (Probably.)

See, most guys have the basics down: Warm water to open the pores, shave with the grain, moisturize after, etc. But unless you’ve got one of those weird magnifying mirrors or 2,000-watt lightbulbs in your bathroom, chances are you’re missing some important areas of your face during your daily shave.

Take a look at the three most common spots guys miss when shaving, and make sure you focus on the details for your next shave.

Under the Nose
Protruding nose hair is a problem on its own, but the mustache hair that’s right under your nose also tends to be forgotten.

Don’t be ashamed, it can be tricky to see with your nose casting a shadow over the area. Plus, it can be tough to get your shaver into that nook to get a close cut. The answer is the popup trimmer on the back of the Verso shaving system.

The precision trimming blades can reach any spot, and they’ll quickly clean away those stray whiskers to leave your upper lip completely smooth. Just extend your philtrum as far as you can, and let the trimmer do its thing.

Around the Mouth
The very edge of your mouth can be home to short, prickly hairs. For some guys, (even those who have dark facial hair), these hairs are blond or white and therefore difficult to see and to shave.

The best way to take care of them is to slightly open your mouth and skew it all the way to either side. This will stretch the skin enough so a rotary or foil shaver can get close to the skin and trim away the stubborn, pointy hairs. (Whoever you’re kissing will be thankful.)

Under the Chin
This is a broad area and it differs from guy to guy based on the shape of his face and jawline. But generally, you’re bound to miss some hairs right underneath your chin and the area beyond your jawline.

Once again, it can be difficult to properly see these spots on first look because your head casts a shadow over them. You’ll need to angle your head to be able to identify, locate, and neutralize them. (Those are harsh words for shaving, but they sound cool, right?)

A good electric shaver like the triple-head rotary attachment for Verso makes it easy to take care of the trouble spots along your jawline. The compact power base maneuvers into almost any area, and then the premium shaver head gets close to give you a total shave with no hairs left behind.

Problem solved.