How to Exfoliate for a Better Shave

“Exfoliate” is a term you’ve probably heard before but perhaps never put into practice. Well, stop not doing it. It’s good for you.

And it will help you get a better shave, which is why we’re all here.

The Perfect Pre-Shave Solution
Exfoliating, (removing dead cells from the surface of skin), can give you a better shave because it unclogs pores and exposes hair follicles. This prevents ingrown hairs and acne, and helps shaving blades get closer to the skin.

So that smooth, clean look you want starts with exfoliation and ends with a Remington shaver (but you already knew that).

So what’s the best way to exfoliate?
Some facial cleanser formulas include exfoliating ingredients, ranging from chemical (salicylic or glycolic acid) to physical (crushed shells or pumice).

Use these types of washes 2-3 times per week. That’s the sweet spot for keeping skin clear without irritating it and defeating the entire reason you started exfoliating in the first place. (You will start, right?)   

The same goes for using a tool like exfoliating gloves, motorized scrubbers, or a good old-fashioned washcloth. Be gentle your skin will be happy.

Finding the best method for your skin may take some experimentation. In general, if your skin is sensitive you should start out with a chemical exfoliator and see how your face reacts. Conversely, if your face can take a beating it may require a physical tool to get in there and clean things up.

Find the right mix of daily cleaning and deeper exfoliating and your shave will improve dramatically. Clean skin leads to a smooth shave. And that, of course, leads to you looking your best and finally accomplishing all of your dreams. So, just start exfoliating already.