How To Stop an Itchy Beard

How To Stop An Itchy Beard

Growing out your beard this fall?

A little itching is inevitable in the early stages of growth. But dry, cool weather can be torture for your face long after the initial “one-week itch” has passed.

Here are a few things to try if your skin gets dry. They'll help you live your best bearded life.


1. Use Beard Oil

Most of your skin's dryness level is determined by your internal hydration. (More water, less coffee. You know the drill.) But when that's not enough, it's time to apply hydration and moisture from the outside.

Beard Boss beard oil is formulated with jojoba oil and a subtle pine scent to make your beard more comfortable and manlier at the same time. Use it a few times a week and it'll soften your whiskers so they don't scratch harshly against your face.


2. Brush Your Beard

Whether it's beard oil or the natural oils that your skin produces, it needs to be distributed evenly throughout your beard. Because sharing is caring.

Once a week, take a beard brush and work it through your beard about a dozen times. This will evenly coat every last whisker with the oils they need to keep from drying out and getting itchy.


3. Take Cold Showers

OK, so it doesn’t have to be COLD cold, but lukewarm water is best. Extremely hot water will strip your skin and beard hair of natural oils and increase the chances of dryness.  No matter how tempting it is to turn your shower into an hour-long sauna session, try to keep showers short and warm. For the good of your beard.