4 Reasons Your Face Needs A Cleansing Brush

Did you wash your face this morning?

We’re talking more than just a splash of water and a pat down with the towel. To reveal your best complexion, you should be using a gentle daily cleanser along with a cleansing brush.

To help you out, we included one of those useful cleansing brushes with the new Verso grooming tool. The brush attachment clips onto the Verso power base, which spins the soft bristles for a gentle and efficient cleaning.

In case you’re not sold on the idea, we’ve got a few reasons why you and your face need the Verso cleansing brush.

1.    Your Face Is Dirty
After a long day of whatever it is you do during the day, there’s a lot of gunk on your face. It’s not necessarily your fault (unless you’re actively diving into mud or something), but it’s a truth of life. No matter if you’re mostly inside or outside, dust and dirt can clog up your face. A quick once-over with the cleansing brush at the end of the day will work wonders.

2.    You Sweat. A Lot.
Beyond environmental factors, your pores can also get blocked up by sweat and oil. If you do physical work or hit the gym every day, you should definitely be using a cleansing brush. But even if you’re in an office all day, you still sweat a lot. When that moisture evaporates, it leaves behind oil and buildup that can and should be removed with a cleansing brush.

3.    It Makes You More Attractive
You want to look good, right? With some regular cleaning you can help keep your skin clear of blemishes and acne. Plus, the Verso cleansing brush acts as a gentle exfoliator, which has plenty of benefits for your skin and appearance.

4.    It Improves Your Shave
Shaving is a lot easier when you remove all that buildup and keep your face clear of breakouts. When you give your shaver a clean face to work with, it can get closer to the skin to remove hair with less pulling. So keep it clean, man.