• 5 Beard Growing Tips

    So you've decided 2017 is your beard year. The process can be daunting, but fear not. We're here to guide you through the journey.

    Stick to our Beard Boss-approved tips and you'll soon be rocking a bold New Beard for the New Year.

    1. Patience, My Friend
    Any beard advice worth your time will start here. You've just got to let hair grow for the first 4-6 weeks. We know it won't be easy and you might even regret your decision if you've got a big presentation at work or you're meeting up with an old flame you want to impress and you don't want to show up with a patchy mess on your face. We understand your anxiety. But remember that all great things require great sacrifices. Let it grow. Be strong.

    2. Feed Your Beard
    You know diet matters for your mind and body, and it matters for your beard, too. Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of protein and fat (Fat is not bad for you just because it's called "fat"! Your body needs it, so eat it!). This will keep your insides strong so you can maintain healthy, full growth on the outside.

    3. Stay Active
    A good-looking beard is usually a sign of good health. That's no coincidence. If you want your best beard, make sure you're staying (or getting) fit. Exercise regularly, and make sure to mix in some heart-helping cardio along with your testosterone-producing strength and resistance training. Bonus: When you're out on a run, so many people will get to gaze upon your awesome beard flowing in the wind. Everybody wins.

    4. Skin Matters
    Don't forget that underneath all that hair is your skin. It's used to being the star of the show, but now it's singing backup vocals for your rock star of a beard. That's not easy to deal with. Know what skin type you have (dry, oily, etc.) and moisturize accordingly. You'll have to work the lotion or beard oil through your beard to reach the surface and give your skin the attention it requires. Do this 3-4 times a week, or as needed.

    5. Trimming Time
    Once you've achieved full growth, you've got to decide where things will go from there. Pick up a solid beard trimmer that can both maintain length and take care of the details (we recommend the Beard Boss Beardsman). You are the painter and your beard is the canvas. So take command of your style and pick a beard that works well with your face shape.

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  • How To Stop an Itchy Beard

    How To Stop An Itchy Beard

    Growing out your beard this fall?

    A little itching is inevitable in the early stages of growth. But dry, cool weather can be torture for your face long after the initial “one-week itch” has passed.

    Here are a few things to try if your skin gets dry. They'll help you live your best bearded life.


    1. Use Beard Oil

    Most of your skin's dryness level is determined by your internal hydration. (More water, less coffee. You know the drill.) But when that's not enough, it's time to apply hydration and moisture from the outside.

    Beard Boss beard oil is formulated with jojoba oil and a subtle pine scent to make your beard more comfortable and manlier at the same time. Use it a few times a week and it'll soften your whiskers so they don't scratch harshly against your face.


    2. Brush Your Beard

    Whether it's beard oil or the natural oils that your skin produces, it needs to be distributed evenly throughout your beard. Because sharing is caring.

    Once a week, take a beard brush and work it through your beard about a dozen times. This will evenly coat every last whisker with the oils they need to keep from drying out and getting itchy.


    3. Take Cold Showers

    OK, so it doesn’t have to be COLD cold, but lukewarm water is best. Extremely hot water will strip your skin and beard hair of natural oils and increase the chances of dryness.  No matter how tempting it is to turn your shower into an hour-long sauna session, try to keep showers short and warm. For the good of your beard.

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  • The Only Beard Style This Fall

    Summer is winding down and it’s time to start thinking about the important matters of the fall season: football, football, and football.

    Oh yeah, and your beard. What’s it gonna look like this fall? How will your facial hair change as the leaves do the same?

    Here’s a suggestion:

    Just carry a pumpkin with you wherever you go, and whatever beard you have will be the ultimate fall look.

    We stand behind that solid advice, but we know there’s much more to that squash-holding gentleman’s look than immediately meets the eye.

    Let’s look deeper at this beard style. It’s a work of art.

    The mustache is thick and full and perfectly under control. That kind of uniform shape and consistent length can only be achieved with a quality mustache scissors and brush. (Like the ones you’ll find with the Beard Boss ‘Beardsman’.)

    On to the meat of that glorious beard. The consistent tapered look makes for a long, full beard that doesn’t seem overgrown. A fixed-length trimming comb is an easy way to accomplish this. (Oh yeah, the Beardsman has one of those, too. An XL trimming comb for XL beards.)

    Lastly, let’s focus on the cheeks. They’re cleaned up nicely to give the top edges of the beard an attractive shape. The best way to do that kind of maintenance is with a small foil shaver attachment, like the one included with the Beard Boss Perfecter. Just clip on the foil shaver and smooth out your upper cheeks to keep your look clean and dignified.

    Get after that full beard action this fall. And don’t forget your pumpkin.

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  • The Best Halloween Costumes for Bearded Men

    The Best Halloween Costumes for Bearded Men

    Want to be the creative one at this year's costume party? Use your beard! You've put in the time to grow and maintain it, and Halloween is the time to cash in on that investment.

    Check out these inspired ideas and put your beard on display this Halloween.


    Hipster Skeleton

    This is a fresh take on the skeleton costume. Color your beard silver (we wouldn't recommend dye, go with a temporary spray-on) and paint your face black and white for the classic skeleton look. You'll be the hippest bag of bones at any party.


    Bearded Zombie

    Zombies don't shave, so it only makes sense that they'd have a long beard. Dress up in raggedy clothes, then paint on the oozing wounds to one side of your face (Bonus! The beard will save you time there—less surface area to paint.). Then do your best incoherent zombie walk and you'll pull off the "undead lumberjack" look perfectly.


    The Beard Top

    This is a new one that only a real man could pull off. If you're bald up top and have a long, flowing beard, brush your beard up the sides of your face and style the ends on the top of your head. Use gel or hairspray to keep it in place—the effort will be worth it when you've got the most original look at the party.

    And hey, just enjoy your one night with a full head of hair again. You'll look 30 years younger!

    If you pull that one off, post your photo to social media and tag @Rem4Men. We want to see your trailblazing style.

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  • 4 Reasons Your Face Needs A Cleansing Brush

    Did you wash your face this morning?

    We’re talking more than just a splash of water and a pat down with the towel. To reveal your best complexion, you should be using a gentle daily cleanser along with a cleansing brush.

    To help you out, we included one of those useful cleansing brushes with the new Verso grooming tool. The brush attachment clips onto the Verso power base, which spins the soft bristles for a gentle and efficient cleaning.

    In case you’re not sold on the idea, we’ve got a few reasons why you and your face need the Verso cleansing brush.

    1.    Your Face Is Dirty
    After a long day of whatever it is you do during the day, there’s a lot of gunk on your face. It’s not necessarily your fault (unless you’re actively diving into mud or something), but it’s a truth of life. No matter if you’re mostly inside or outside, dust and dirt can clog up your face. A quick once-over with the cleansing brush at the end of the day will work wonders.

    2.    You Sweat. A Lot.
    Beyond environmental factors, your pores can also get blocked up by sweat and oil. If you do physical work or hit the gym every day, you should definitely be using a cleansing brush. But even if you’re in an office all day, you still sweat a lot. When that moisture evaporates, it leaves behind oil and buildup that can and should be removed with a cleansing brush.

    3.    It Makes You More Attractive
    You want to look good, right? With some regular cleaning you can help keep your skin clear of blemishes and acne. Plus, the Verso cleansing brush acts as a gentle exfoliator, which has plenty of benefits for your skin and appearance.

    4.    It Improves Your Shave
    Shaving is a lot easier when you remove all that buildup and keep your face clear of breakouts. When you give your shaver a clean face to work with, it can get closer to the skin to remove hair with less pulling. So keep it clean, man.
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  • 5 Ways to Prevent Dry Winter Skin

    Winter is great for a lot of reasons. But the dry, cracked skin that comes with it every year isn’t one of them. It’s the opposite of great.

    To avoid the itchy madness, you’ll probably have to make some changes to your daily routine. It can be a hassle, but it’s more than worth it when your skin is balmy and fresh though the weather outside is frigid and disgusting.

    Give these tips of try. See what works for you. End the dryness!

    1. Moisturize everywhere.

    We’ve written before about the importance of moisturizer, and it’s doubly true whenever winter weather comes to town. Use a daily facial moisturizer, apply vaseline to cracked hands and elbows, and slather on body lotion to your legs. No one will think less of you as a man. We promise.

    2. Drink more water.

    Along with the outer moisturizers, you’ve gotta moisturize from within too. Staying hydrated throughout the day gives you a fighting chance against dry, flaky skin. There are lots of recommendations out there for the right amount to drink every day, but just do whatever works for you and doesn’t have you running to the bathroom every half hour.

    3. Utilize a humidifier.

    Humidifiers can be messy to deal with, but they’re often worth it. Sending moisture into your environment helps combat the level of dryness outdoors. And just think, maybe the humidifier will help you reduce the amount of lotion you have to apply. Again, not that we blame you for doing that.

    4. Skip the hot shower.

    Even though they feel terrific in the middle of cold winter spells, long, hot showers can strip natural moisturizers from the skin. Keep showers under five minutes with lukewarm water to prevent further drying of your skin.

    5. Consider growing a beard.

    This one works only for the face...we think. Simply put, the process of shaving every day can dry out your face. Shaving gels and foams can take out beneficial natural oils, and the act of moving a foil or rotary head around on your face can sometimes irritate and worsen dry skin. If you grow a beard, you can use beard oil daily to moisturize both the beard and the skin underneath. So give a winter beard a try and see if it can help stave off the wretched winter dryness.

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  • A Brief History of Beards

    History has a funny relationship with the beard. Facial hair seems to go through cycles of acceptance and popularity within different generations, under different rulers, and between different cultures.

    Currently—in the United States, at least—beards are not a unique sight, and one could even call them popular. Our very own Remington Beard Boss competitions are a reflection of this.

    We embrace the beards. We love them.

    Of course, it hasn’t always been this way. Let’s take a short stroll through history to see how beards have been treated and used by different people in different times.

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  • Beard Boss Know How: Getting Started

    At Remington, we’ve given a lot of focus lately to the legions of bearded men out there. We respect their style and their commitment to crafting a beard worth being proud of. They deserve the attention.

    If you want to know what you’ve been missing out on, we’re here for you. It’s time to take the next big step in your life, so (if you’re genetically capable—that’s important here) we’ve assembled a simple how-to guide to get you started on the path towards becoming a Beard Boss.

    1. Let it grow.

    Not that this is an easy task, but it really is as simple as that. You need to let everything grow out for at least four weeks before trying to shape it in any way.  Commit to it.

    The phrase “growing pains” certainly applies here. It’s not going to look great for most of that month. In fact, you may want to start the process while you’re on vacation or otherwise away from the scrutiny of those around you. Not everyone will understand. Remember, “Sticks and stones…”

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  • Beard or Goatee. What's right for you?

    The face is able and the soul is willing. Your time has come to grow in facial hair and embrace your masculine ways.

    But should you stop at a crafted goatee, or keep going until you’re sporting a full, flowing beard?

    Great question.

    There are some important differences between a beard and goatee, with benefits and drawbacks to each.

    Because we care, we’ve put together a few crucial questions you should ask yourself when deciding what will grace your face—the beard or the goatee.

    How much free time do you have in the morning?

    The goatee requires less daily maintenance, but does take a solid once-over every week or so.

    The beard, however, takes commitment. To stay fit for public viewing, a beard must be cleaned, combed, and freshened with beard oil at least a few times a week.

    Ask yourself how much time your willing to commit to facial hair. A goatee needs strong detailing on occasion, but a beard takes daily effort and can add significant time to your morning routine.

    What kind of climate do you live in?

    A beard will keep you warm in frigid climates. That’s not to say beards aren’t great in the warmer months, too, but you’ll get the most benefit in protecting yourself from the whipping winds of winter.

    A goatee is probably better in hot and humid areas. It allows more air to flow over the skin and won’t make your neck sweat like a hanging beard could. The shorter hair is also easier to clean if you do sweat and get a little oily in the face.

    Do you enjoy eating soup and other soupy things?

    If you prefer to eat quickly and cleanly, you should probably avoid a beard. The longer hairs can get into food or slide into your mouth, and they make drinking beverages and slurping soups a tedious task.

    A goatee may trap the occasional crumb or stray droplet, but overall it will make food and drink consumption much easier and much faster.

    Final Word

    In the end, the decision between beard and goatee comes down to need and personal preference.

    The goatee is a more manageable look. It proves you can grow great facial hair but frees you up to do things like eat soup, make it out the door in two minutes, and stay comfortable on a blistering day.

    Conversely, the beard takes more time and effort, but you may find that the payoff is well worth the trouble. A beard is a status symbol. It shows that you can commit to something. That you understand impressive things come from hard work and dedication. A beard may get bothersome at times, but when it really comes down to it you’ll likely never regret your decision to grow and maintain a breathtaking beard.

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