SP-27: Heads and Cutters for Remington® Shavers

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Restore your shaver to peak performance with this 360° Pivot & Flex Replacement Head. Featuring all the technological advancements of our shavers, the replacement has full floating heads, dual-track cutters and long-lasting, titanium-coated blades which combine to improve glide across your skin and create an exceptionally close shave. The one-piece, click-in design makes replacing the head a snap. Thanks to the clever open design, debris falls away from cutters and makes for easier cleaning. Replacement Heads & Cutters for Remington Shavers: R-510, R-520, R-600, R-650, R-800, R-825, & R-1000.

Use and Care Manuals
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Step_1_SP27DT  Step 1: Remove Cutter Assembly:
1. Remove head guard by lifting on the front tab.
2. Open cutter head housing by pressing on the release button.
3. Locate central knob.
4. Turn knob 1/4 turn counter-clockwise.
5. Remove cutter assembly. 
Step_2_SP27DT  Step 2: Replace Cutter Assembly:
1. Place new cutter assembly into cutter head housing.
2. Align the screens with the holes.
3. While supporting the cutter head housing, press down while turning central knob 1/4 turn clockwise.
4. This should lock the cutter assembly into place. If not, repeat from step 2.
5. Close cutter head housing. 6. Install head guard.