SP-69: Screens & Cutters for Remington Microscreen 2 TCT Shavers

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Maintain your clean, consistent look with these men’s micro screen and cutter replacements. The twin flexible micro screens allow for easy adjustment to the contours of your face and chin, keeping you clean and confident every day. Fits Remington’s Microscreen 2 TCT Foil Shavers MS2-90, MS2-100, MS2-150, MS2-200, MS2-270, MS2-280, MS2-290, MS2-300, MS2-370, MS2-390, MS2-391, MS2-392, MS2-400, RS-4400, RS-4623 and RS-4843. 

Ref: AD1000

Use and Care Manuals
SP69 jpg 167KB English


Step_A_SP69  Step 1: To Remove Screen Assemblies: Hold the housing of the head assembly with one hand. Use a small flat blade screwdriver or similarly tipped blunt object. From the inside opening, press upward on each release strap to push both screen assemblies out the top of the head assembly. (figure 1)
Step_B_SP69 Step 2: To Replace Screen Assemblies: Carefully slide two foil assemblies downward into the top openings. It is easiest if you lower one end first, hooking the end in place, then swing the far end down until it snaps in place. (figure 2) If the foil assembly will not fit easily into the housing, rotate the foil 180 degrees. 
 Step_C_SP69 Step 3: To Remove Cutter Assembles: Grasp each cutter between thumb and forefinger and pull upward. (figure 3)
 Step_D_SP69 Step 4: To Replace Cutter: Snap both new cutter assembles into top of oscillator tips. DO NOT push downward on ends of cutters as that may bend them and reduce effectiveness. (figure 4)